Orthomesh – Orthogonal Delaunay Mesh Generator

Orthomesh is a 2D Mesh Generator that creates quad-tree based meshes that can be independently refined in X- and Y-direction. Therefore the generated meshes can contain flat segments. This is for example useful for simulating transistor gates in TCAD applications, that require high resolutions toward the gate insulator but only low resolution parallel to it.

The mesher can be used from the command line using a simple text-based input format, but is most powerful when used via its C++ API.

An extension of the basic principle to 3D is possible and under consideration by the author. It is mainly a question of time..

The Source code of Orthomesh can be found on GitHub.


(A web browser with SVG support is required to view the example meshes.)

Generated with the command line tool from example1.om: example1.svg

Generated with the command line tool from example2.om: example2.svg

Generated with the C++ library API from omesh2d_test.cc: omesh2d_test.svg