Fun with Program Code

  • Small obfuscated Programs
    A unsorted collection of small obfuscated programs in various programming languages. Some of them are written by me – others aren't.
  • My CNGW Chaostreff Announcements
    Sometimes I write hackish announcements for the CNGW Chaostreffs. Here is the archive…
  • Other short programming examples I wrote
    Another unsorted collection of programs I wrote.
  • Some examples with ELF shared objects
    Nothing really new – just some nice examples.
  • Evolution of Prime
    Some prime number generators.
  • Non-iterative Towers of Hanoi Program
    A simple demonstration for recovering the state of a Towers of Hanoi system just from the number of moves done so far.
  • Demonstrations of nice/osbcure gcc features
    I primarly wrote this demos as references and small reminders of those features for myself..
  • Clifford's Device
    My if (0) { goto_label: … } trick.
  • The Binops Programming Language
    Yet another obfuscated programming language.